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Effective July 1, 2017, home inspections of NEW Residential Structures (NRS) should be performed only by licensed home inspectors with the NRS specialty designation. In order to obtain the NRS specialty, the licensed home inspector must first complete an 8-hour, Board-approved NRS training module on the Virginia Residential Code, and then apply to the Board to add the specialty to the license.

Once the initial NRS training program is completed, four (4) hours of Board-approved NRS continuing professional education (CPE) is required to maintain the NRS specialty.

The four hours of NRS CPE can be applied to the overall 16-hour CPE requirement to maintain your home inspector license, however, unlike the CPE required to maintain home inspector licensure (which is only submitted if audited), proof of completion of the four-hour NRS CPE must be submitted as a condition of renewal.

There are two options:
1) You can travel to wherever the course is provided on the dates and times of the provided courses OR
2) You can take the courses whenever you want online.

For your convenience a link to the full list of NRS providers is here: List of Board-approved NRS training programs

For your convenience here is an example link to a provider that has the Initial 8 hour VA NRS online course: 8 Hour Initial VA NRS Online Course

And, for your convenience here is an example link to a provider that has the license renewal 4 hour CPE VA NRS online course: 4 Hour CPE VA NRS Online Course

These courses are approved by DPOR but are not endorsed by NOVA-ASHI, VAREI, or MAC-ASHI.