NOVA ASHI Officers, Directors, Committees, ASHI® Reps., and Chapter Documents

Chapter Officers

President: Lou Scerbo
Vice President: Jim Funkhouser
Secretary: Scott Biller
Treasurer: Shane McClung

Imm Past Pres: Jim Vaughn

2020-2023 Alex Aderton
2021-2024 Tony Kelly
2022-2025 Paul Tieche
2022-2025 Dennis Pelczynski

Warden: Position Open


Membership:  Open
Membership drive:  Open

Educational Hour:  Open

Seminar / Event planner:  Open
Sponsors (seminar vendors):  Open

Public Relations:  Open

Bylaws:  Open

Monthly Messenger: Alex Aderton

Mentoring:  Open

Nominating (3 most Imm Past Pres): Jim Vaughn, Isaac Kieffer, Tony Toth

Peer Review:  Open

Library:  Open

Website: Hollis Brown, Jim Vaughn, Open


American Society of Home Inspectors

Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors: Alex Aderton, President

VAREI Board of Directors

Commonwealth of Virginia Legislative Liaison

Chapter Documents

Chapter Bylaws