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Peer Review

NOVA ASHI Peer Review


NOVA ASHI Peer-Review-Certified Inspectors

Master Inspector by Review - MIBR Holders:
David Rushton                  as of Sept. 27, 2011
Fernando Barrientos        as of Sept. 27, 2011
Scott Del Monte               as of April 30, 2010
Jim Vaughn                      as of April 10, 2015

Inspector by Review - IBR Holders:
Rick Henry                        as of Oct. 28, 2011
Jerry Schwartz                 as of Oct. 28, 2011
Leroy Byler                       as of Oct 25, 2013
Dennis Pelczynski            as of Oct 25, 2013
Anthony Toth                    as of Oct 25, 2013



Peer-Review FAQs:

1.  WHY does NOVA-ASHI do this?
The purpose is to offer our NOVA ASHI Chapter members an opportunity to be reviewed on their inspection skills and techniques by a panel of their peers, and provide a congenial, non-threatening environment to discuss their inspection procedures and techniques.  It’s a great learning experience for all participants!

2.  WHAT types of REVIEW are offered?
     A. Educational Review: Open to all ASHI members/Associates; Participants receive 3 CE’s; there is no pass or fail.  An experienced inspector will guide the members through the home while explaining how an inspection is conducted, what to look for and answer any questions.
     B. IBR - Inspector by Review: Must be an ASHI member/Associate; must have passed all ASHI exams (explained in 3. below); Participants receive 5 CE’s; Participants who pass the review will receive the IBR Certificate and are authorized to use the Inspector by Review designation in their business literature and advertising.
     C. MIBR - Master Inspector by Review: Must have been an ASHI member in good standing for at least 5 years; Must attend at least two ASHI approved or NOVA-ASHI educational seminars per year; Must have participated on NOVA-ASHIcommittees or have been a NOVA-ASHI chapter officer or have been involved in a leadership position in a special interest group for the home inspection field, which promotes ASHI for a minimum of three years; all participants will receive 5 CE’s; Participants who pass the review will receive the MIBR Plaque, and are authorized to use the Master Inspector by Review designation in their business literature and advertising.

3.  What ASHI tests will I take when going through the PEER Review process?    
After you present your findings from inspecting the PEER Review house, the Review Committee, will ask 30 general knowledge questions. These questions cover the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. To pass, you will need to correctly answer a minimum of 21 questions.

4. What else is pass or fail?
     A.  You must submit two of your recent Home Inspection Reports. One report should be from a 10-30 year old home, the other from a house older than 50 years. Your reports will be checked for substantial compliance with the ASHI Standards of Practice. Your reports are NOT shared with anyone outside of the Committee and will be returned to you.
     B.  You must orally present your findings from inspecting the home to the Review Committee. PLEASE NOTE that you do not have to submit a formal written ‘final report’, as you would to a paying client.  The Review Committee will determine and create a list of 10 ‘Must Find’ major-deficiency items. When you make your oral presentation you need to include ALL of these ‘Must Find’ items to pass.

5. What is the down side of going through our NOVA ASHI PEER Review process?
There is NONE! The Review Committee has an obligation to each Inspector candidate to provide positive feedback about their PEER Review. CONFIDENTIAL: This feedback is strictly confidential, is solely to provide the candidate with their home inspection strengths and weaknesses, is always verbal, and is done and kept within the confines of the review committee room. PEER Review Committee members must always use this review process as an ‘educational tool’,  for that is the greatest value of this program.  Any Review Committee member found to be in violation of this confidentiality clause faces expulsion from NOVA ASHI.