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More often than not, you're in the position of recommending, probably even scheduling, the home inspection. And, of course, you want the very best for your clients. How can you be sure the inspectors you recommend are up to your standards? And isn't it really best if your clients choose their own inspectors? You need to be able to point them to a resource that will help them make an educated choice. This site is designed to be just such a tool.

If you're like most experienced agents, you've found one inspector you really trust; there are a few with whom you're reasonably comfortable; You Count on a NOVA ASHI home inspector.and there are a few on your own private "never call again" list. But what do you do if the one you really trust isn't available when you need him? You can count on a NOVA ASHI member to be among the very best qualified and most experienced inspectors available. All NOVA ASHI inspectors are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors, or ASHI®. ASHI membership requirements are the most stringent in the industry, with the strictest testing, experience, and continuing education requirements.

Search our database of qualified inspectors to find just the right home inspector to meet your particular client's needs.